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This is Our Story

Stalwart is an organisation whose team have a long and strong history with Mining & Contractor machines and vehicles that must be equipped with operator protection to meet the requirements determined by the Australian Mining Industry. It recently purchased the intellectual property developed by ATM Enterprises Pty Ltd

The CEO, Murray Paddison has been involved in the mining and construction industries since 1970 initially as an end user and latterly a service and engineered product supplier.

His experience with the design, test, manufacture, installation, inspection and the auditing of Roll Over and Falling Object Protection (ROPS & FOPS) began in the early nineties when it became mandatory for designated equipment involved in mining to have ROPS / FOPS installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS2294.

We have an understanding and appreciation of the end use of the vehicle or item of plant, taking into account factors such as axle loadings, weight & height restrictions, statutory regulations, operating environment etc.

We also recognise that the essential element of the production and installation of a structure that meets the requirement laid down in the standard is that a prototype must be subjected to a destructive laboratory test in accordance with ISO standards 3471 & 3449.

FEA and other mathematical analysis are not acceptable.