Mine Support Vehicles

Mine Support Vehicles

Are you in the market for a vehicle to be used in a mining environment?

If it is a Road Watering Truck or Service Vehicle then it MUST have a ROPS installed that meets the requirements specified in Australian Standard AS 2294 and International Standard ISO 3471 & 3449

The structure should have a plaque affixed similar to this one

If you are buying a new truck and you are getting the dealer to fit it out make sure that you get a copy of the test report and ensure that it has been installed by an authorised vehicle modifier. If you are buying a used truck with a ROPS installed make sure that the ROPS is the correct one for the vehicle, check serial numbers and ask for a copy of the manufacturer’s test report.

A couple of other tips are to have the front axle loadings checked, some manufacturers have a standard frame they mass produce and just modify the mounts and bolt it on. Usually designed to take on “All Comers” and are far too heavy. Get the dealer to offer a few options and then direct him to the manufacturer that you believe ticks all the boxes. Photographs are better than a thousand words. If he wants to sell the truck he will!

Keep in mind the old Benjamin Frankland saying; “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

The standard recites that any structure with discernible deformation shall not be reused so make sure it is in good order.

It also recites that no alterations or repairs to a protective structure shall be permitted, this means that all those extra brackets, fixtures and fittings that have been welded on to accommodate a whole range of lights, alarms, GPS trackers, etc have very likely invalidated the manufacturers’ compliance. Also check for corrosion, loose missing fasteners.

Read the extract from AS2294 here