ROPS & FOPS Inspection

ROPS & FOPS Inspection

We recommend that owner / operators should include a check on the integrity of the machine safety structure as a part of its major service interval or at least annually.

The standard recites that any structure with discernible deformation shall not be reused It also recites that no alterations or repairs to a protective structure shall be permitted, this means that all those extra brackets, fixtures and fittings that have been welded on to accommodate a whole range of lights, alarms, GPS trackers, etc have very likely invalidated the manufacturers’ compliance.

A pretty simple test is if it is a cabin (EROPS), do the doors and windows open and close easily, consistent gaps, good sign it is not deformed. Structure over cabin, take a few measurements if your eye is not that good. If it is not straight take a look at the joints, paint flaking indicates stress. Check for corrosion, loose missing mounts, etc as well.

What do you do if there is something not right, DO NOT ALLOW THE MACHINE TO BE USED until the problem has been rectified and signed off by the appropriate authorised people.

Stalwart is able to sign off and issue recertification as required.