Rops & FOPS

Underground Mining — FOPS

Mining Plant & Equipment This specialised range of equipment machinery is usually FOPS equipped by the manufacturer. We however produce bespoke FOPS cabs / structures as well as adapt OEM operator stations to suit particular applications such as passenger/s trainer/s etc

EFOPS EFOPS is an industry acronym for Enclosed FOPS, Operator Station Operator Cabin.


A method of increasing the strength of the operator station to meet or exceed the current standards AS 2294 / ISO 3471 The is currently a Patent Application “Parked” in relation to this innovation

Compliance ROPS & FOPS

We are able to assist on compliance appropriate to the standard, carry out inspections / audits on fleets or individual machines/ structures and issue a condition report with recommendations.

Modifications / Repairs / Recertification’s

The standard permits organisations such as ours to repair and recertify damaged structures as well as modifications for particular requirements

Integrated Tools

We have a number of certified designs of items such as work & charge up platforms, jibs, quick hitches etc are included in our extensive library.


We produce a 1300 litre capacity Underground Working Party Magazine. Meeting AS 2187.1-1997 requirements 1,300l, two compartments 500 & 800